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Tofino's Ultimate Wildlife Safari


We don't call this the ULTIMATE Wildlife Safari for nothing! Feel the spray from the spouts of Humpback, Gray, and Orca Whales on your face, listen to the crunching of a Black Bear as it munches on mussels in the intertidal zone, marvel at the great Bald Eagle as it swoops to snatch a fish from the water right beside the boat. Want to knock the socks off of your family or lover with something truly extraordinary? Want to see the REAL adventurous side of Tofino that only locals know? Our Ultimate Wildlife Safari takes you to most secret and spectacular regions of Clayoquot Sound, beyond the reach of "normal" tours.  Interested in a rejuvenating soak in the natural springs at Hot Springs Provincial Park? We're happy to accommodate a detour to the springs during the day as well - just let us know!


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