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incredible Salmon fishing!

Capt. Josh Temple with a 48 pound "Toadfino" Tyee

Return guest Sarah Pearce with a Tofino Tyee!

We proudly support Catch & Release fishing! 

Capt. Josh Temple with a mid-summer Steelhead


Prime Time boats in action!




Tofino offers incredible fishing!  Literally MILLIONS of salmon swim off our shores and provide anglers with exceptional fishing all year long. Chinook (King) salmon are the largest of the five species of salmon and regularly top thirty pounds - earning "Tyee" status and providing excellent sport on light tackle.  We don't call Tofino "Toadfino" for nothing! 


Coho (Silver) salmon are abundant from June - October and provide exceptional opportunities for fly and spin/jigging tackle, while Chum, Pink, and Sockeye round out the catch.  Want to ply the depths for Dungeness Crabs or Prawns? No Problem, our boats are equipped with haulers and we have plenty of traps. 


Fishing starts right off our dock, literally.  Tofino is located right in the heart of the salmon highway so short runs to the fishing grounds are the norm.  All of our boats are equipped to troll, mooch, jig, and flyfish and we love to help novices and experts alike. 


With short runs to the fishing grounds, and a myriad of inshore and offshore locations promising great fishing for salmon, halibut, lingcod, and snapper, it's no secret that Tofino is the #1 choice for discerning travelers.  

Our Captains Are World Famous


Capt. Josh Temple and his crew are world renown, and for good reason. For over two decades they have guided clients to record catches and tournament winning fish around the globe.  With generations of fishing history in their blood, our captains maintain the utmost professionalism and ensure a safe, productive day on the water everytime.  Interested in fishing or organizing a private tournament for your private or corporate group? With a staggering world record setting resume totalling nearly $3 MILLION  in tournament wins, and eleven current world record catches to their credit, Capt. Josh Temple and his crew have proven over and over again that they are the best in the business. 


Above all else our Captains have one goal in mind - to show you the most incredible fishing experience of your life! 



Our fleet of PARKER enclosed-cabin boats equipped with YAMAHA 4-STROKE power offer safe and dependable performance day in and day out.  Equipped with the latest marine electronics including RADAR, EPIRB, CHIRP sonars, and High-Def side scanning sonar technology you won't believe the advantage our equipment provides.  Our boats offer dry, comfortable rides with all of the amenities - heaters when the weather turns chilly, and even bunks for overnight charters or quick naps, this ensures everyone onboard enjoys all the comforts of home during your day on the water.


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