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these guys are good! 

Capt Josh Temple leaders a 1,200 pound giant bluefin tuna for return client Graham Weiss of San Diego, CA

 Capt Josh Temple with a Tofino Tyee



Andrea McQuade with a Tofino Tyee

“Capt Josh and the Prime Time crew have always gone the extra mile to ensure we have an unparalleled experience. We’ve enjoyed some truly spectacular trips together over the years, and I always look forward to going back to visit Capt Josh and his crew. I highly recommend them on all accounts.”


John Travolta



“I fish all over the world, and there is no other captain I want to plan my trips and fish with. From my honeymoon to our annual adventures, I’ve been fishing with Josh for a long time. He lives and breaths fishing, and he can take a punch too.”


Jared Jeffries
NY Knicks - NBA Retired



“I have had the pleasure of working with Josh for the last 5 years on a variety of projects. He is extremely passionate about all aspects of fishing and this drive makes him so much fun to be around. I can’t think of anyone I would rather fish with from salmon in Canada to Huge Marlin and Tuna world wide…”


Tracy Melton
Melton International Tackle



“Every fishing experience we have had with Captain Josh Temple has been epic! Josh’s knowledge of the ocean and his ability to catch giant fish supersedes our expectations every time. Josh will always be a regular on our show because he always delivers!”


Matt Eastman 
Host, Wanna Go Fishing? ESPN



From a linage of many generations of commercial fishermen Josh Temple (JT) has a sixth sense on what it takes to catch fish. Whether it is water color, temperature, location of bait fish and so on, he seems to have a supernatural, almost spooky ability to put you right on your target fish when no other can. When other boats are skunked, I am downloading photos for my brag book! I have fished the four corners of this earth and no other has given me a better chance to catch record size fish of almost any specie’s with relentless drive. From super cow yellow fin tuna, monster marlin, to arm wrenching bottom fish. After more than a decade of Josh giving me my best fish, I look forward every time being with him, not just for the fish, but the experience of fishing with someone with so much positive energy! At the end of every trip I truly have had a great experience.”



Dan Bedell
Bodega Bay California



“I am constantly impressed with Josh’s passion. After 15 years of fishing with these guys I can’t say enough about their operation. They are the only outfit I recommend to all of my partners and friends.”


Brain Freeman


“We’ve fished with Josh in Panama, Mexico, and BC and every time it’s an awesome adventure!!!!”


Jack and Taylor Wilston



“Everybody always talks about Josh’s fishing skills, but he’s one hell of a writer and photographer too!  I don’t even bring a camera on my trips with Josh anymore, his photos of our trips are WORLD CLASS!  There’s no wonder he’s always in the magazines this guy has every aspect of it covered.”


Dave Sinclair



“I first saw Josh on an ESPN fishing show. They caught a 361# giant yellowfin tuna and both black and blue marlin. Josh never broke a sweat. I figured if that was par for the course, then I NEED to go fishing with that guy. 6 years and counting and looking forward to many, many more!”


Steve Knutsen

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